a little tree is planted

Yes I have a pink spear headed spade. Every girl should have one.

Today was a big day as I planted my Bihou Japanese Maple. This is the first thing I have really planted since my knee surgery. I took it very slowly. And now I’m sitting with a big ice pack on my knee.

I did a little wandering and I have so many clumps of snow drops I’m very excited! And a lot of my daffodils have buds. There are some early small ones that I think will be blooming in the next day or so

Another thing that was exciting for me was my Camellia Balustrade is fixing to bloom. It hasn’t matured enough until now.

The birds have been crazy amazing this weekend. I am still starting my day with the Blue Birds. The Cat Birds are back and so are our Carolina Wrens.

But back to the Bihou Japanese Maple. I am so glad I bought it! It’s just so pretty! It practically glows! I did spray it with Plant Skydd in case Bambi and her pals get any ideas.

Keep calm and garden on 😊

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