a new tree, book, and the galanthus gala

See that super cool tree to the left in the photo above? It’s a specimen Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum Bihou.

The Bihou Japanese Maple has this coral and yellow bark. That means it will have wonderful four-season interest between the foliage and the actual appearance of the structure of the tree.

And where did I find this cool tree? A nursery I have bought mountain hydrangeas from was local today for the Galanthus GalaBroken Arrow Nursery from Hamden, CT.

I totally did not need this tree. And it is a bit of a gamble if we get a really bad winter, but watching the tree glow in late afternoon light, well it’s just so pretty!

I will be honest and say I had never heard about the Galanthus Gala until a few days ago. It’s a celebration of people, plants, and community. They describe themselves as “an annual gathering of collectors and plant enthusiasts to kick off the spring growing season.”

The event was held at the Downingtown Friends Quaker Meeting. It was pretty with nice people and super chill. I don’t like going places by myself and I loved it. Truthfully there were SO many plants I could have bought today! Cool and interesting things!

One other thing I did buy today is David Culp’s new book A Year at Brandywine Cottage. The Layered Garden which he wrote a few years ago is one of my favorite garden books and definitely was an influence with my current garden. David Culp was giving a lecture so I did not get to meet him, sadly. But I did get to see the lovely hellebores he’s growing and gallanthus.

Gallanthus are snowdrops. I did not know there were so many kinds! I saw so many today and other things I love like Trillium and Solomon’s Seal.

Edgewood Gardens was there too. I should have bought some of their Trillium but I forgot. I admit it, I get plant distracted when there are so many to look at!

Many thanks to the Gallanthus Gala folks for a fun event! Next year I will get my act together sooner so I can check out a lecture too!


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