covid19 days mean….more gardening!

We live in upside down topsy turvy times. COVID19 aka Coronavirus has taken over the world and essentially is shutting it down.

I have been on self quarantine with my family because the second Coronavirus victim for Chester County PA was at the horticultural event I attended March 7. (Yes the lovely event I attended and wrote about and bought the cool Japanese Maple at.) Just dumb luck and I wouldn’t have known the poor person who got the virus if I fell over them.

But self quarantine means I stay at home and get to putter in the garden more. And until the madness of Coronavirus passes, I am perfectly happy to disconnect from the world and garden more.

Yes it’s totally scary and beyond our control except for being able to practice social distancing and self quarantining. But maybe if we just do our part wherever we are, the world will eventually get back to normal. Or so I hope.

I have loads of chores to do including putting down the new wood chips and starting to feed everything. Soon plants are ordered will be arriving and they will need to be put in the ground. Some smaller things that have arrived via BloomBox are going into pots and other areas of the garden. And YES, BloomBox delivers!

My knee is feeling better so as long as I don’t overdo it, I will be fine. I am discovering more and more bulbs and other things coming up. My wild sour cherry tree is popping into bloom.

Now that more bulbs are popping I am excited to see how the heirloom bulbs I planted will turn out. Oh!!! And one of my camellias is blooming!! One flower at a time and totally gorgeous! Thank you Morris Arboretum for creating it!

When the world goes crazy, my solution is garden more. Stay safe!


  1. I have been on a transplanting frenzy. Today I dug up ,split,and moved a 10 year old Horseradish plant. I was amazed at the depth of the roots. I saved a bunch for the killer bloody Mary’s that I need soon. Happy digging.


    • Oh how cool I was thinking about growing horseradish I had never tried so thank you for the reminder I am going to be transplanting some things as well because stuff is coming up all over


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