even in coronavirus-land you need an easter basket!

I wanted to share this because it’s so pretty. And it was beyond reasonable in price. It’s a big basket full of beautiful plants. It was delivered to my mother for Easter by BloomBox.

BloomBox got these baskets because one of their growers had lots of them because they couldn’t get them out to their normal channels because of Coronavirus.

My mother lives in an apartment. Usually once spring hits, she and my stepfather come out for lots of visits once my garden starts blooming. But we are all separated now, so there are no garden visits. So when I knew they were getting these baskets I ordered one because it was to me like sending a little bit of springtime right into her apartment.

She has called me three times since it was delivered on Thursday to tell me how much they love the basket. She even told me what a nice quality the basket itself was. When she received the basket on Thursday she said “It arrived at just the right time.”

Well I just found out that one of the owners of BloomBox had somebody complain about the basket they received. How they were so “disappointed.”

What were they expecting and this is the second story today I have heard from nursery/plant people that is just horrendous. I don’t understand why people have to be so miserable?

And all of these stories are coming from people I deal with on a regular basis for my garden. These people all have helped me and sold me the most gorgeous plant material. And these growers/nursery people I really in a bind right now like many other small businesses because of COVID-19/Coronavirus. They are going out of their way to make sure that our gardens still have plants while they try to stay in business in a time where there is so much uncharted territory, and not just in this industry.

No I have not liked every plant purchase I have ever made. And I’ve been totally honest when it’s something I didn’t like. But there’s a difference between plants not being up to standards, and people just being mean.

If I hadn’t ordered that basket you see in the photo at the beginning of this post for my own mother, and if I had not seen all the other baskets across the area that they delivered to people’s parents that I know for Easter I probably wouldn’t be writing this post. But because of social media I have literally seen over a dozen photos of baskets that went to totally different non-related people to me from BloomBox. Each one lovely. These simple spring baskets made a big difference to the lives of a lot of people who are missing family, friends, and life.

We are living in difficult times. I understand that. But companies like BloomBox are out there making deliveries and always trying to do the best by their customers so how about we say thank you to these people and not act like someone delivered a basket full of weeds?

Don’t be a weed. Be a flower. Be kind.

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