no honey, it’s just trees

“Uhhh honey, there is a huge box on the front porch.”

No dear, no bodies, just Japanese Maples from Mr.Maple.

“Oh good, because you know we don’t have many trees.”

My husband is a funny guy. And his late mother loved Japanese Maples too, so my obsession over them is completely recognizable to him. Perhaps occasionally déjà vu terrifying, but he knows the disease well.

Meet Acer Green Strap and Acer Amber Ghost. And Mr.Maple? They are spectacular!

I ordered these two either late last fall or early winter. I love their airy fairy leaves. They will go in the shade and woodland gardens in dappled light.

Hmmm maybe I am planting my own arboretum after all? Well I blame the actual arboretums I belong to. They show me so many pretty things! (Scott and Jenkins) I just hope that whomever comes after me appreciates my garden and just doesn’t plow it under. We are but temporary stewards of our gardens, sadly.

The Japanese maples arrived well packed and are recovering from their journey and in a couple of days I will plant them. I think they’re so pretty. I think every garden should have Japanese maples. But I will warn you they can get fried if they get too much sun, so have a care where you plant them.

Happy gardening!

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