squirrels and trees and peonies

Today the other Japanese Maples got planted. Acer Palmatum Amber Ghost and Acer Palmatum Green Strap. I gave them a few days to acclimate but they desperately needed to go into the ground.

I also planted three peonies from my friends at Applied Climatology. I planted Green Lotus, Blitz Torte, and a marvelous red peony named Charles Burgess. Charles Burgess I planted in a bed with some hydrangeas and other things and Green Lotus and Blitz Torte were planted with the Green Strap Japanese Maple.

I also planted three hostas named Fragrant Bouquet with the peonies and the Japanese maple. They are a green and yellow hosta with fragrant white flowers.

While I was planting all this I also had strange nature day. I was followed around by a baby squirrel. I don’t know if it was sick or what but I swear it wanted to climb on me. I didn’t let it.

I got around front and planted a few larger herb pots and added to some existing planters. White Sage, Zaatar, Heliotrope, some lavenders, and Bergamot. I really like pots with culinary and other herbs mixed with flowers. It adds to the cottage garden look I seek.

I have more things to plant and that includes some seedlings under grow lights. My basil and a few of my tomato plants are also under grow lights. It’s not warm enough for them yet.

So that is it from me. How does your garden grow today?

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