playing in the rain

Ferns!! Cinnamon Ferns unfurling to be exact.

I know my neighbors think I’m a bit dotty because I will wander around in my gardens in the rain. I was out this morning taking little videos (or trying – I am not very good at it). I submitted my videos to Gardeners’ World on BBC because they keep saying at the end of every weekly program to submit your garden videos. I doubt my videos will be chosen or segments because I’m not in the UK, but I felt I should at least submit because Monty Don and his colleagues are indeed additional influencers in this garden.

Ostrich ferns with variegated Solomon’s seal at the base of a viburnum.

One thing I noticed that I will have to deal with this week is the abundance of Bishop’s Weed popping up everywhere. Otherwise known as ground elder or gout weed it’s a menace. It is totally invasive and ended up in this country as a ground cover. I will note that they seem to like Bishop’s Weed and pokeweed in the UK. I saw actually on a couple different episodes over the years of Gardeners’ World. I wish Better Homes & Garden website didn’t act like it was a harmless plant. Every year I do battle with it. And right now because of all the rain it’s particularly annoying. I like to dig it out when I can because that way I get more roots than pulling alone. And the problem with this thing is it says runner roots underground so you never get them out completely.

Mini Hostas with Creeping Jenny. Variegated ivy and coleus to be added later.

The ferns are fabulous right now! They are newly opened and still opening and very lush. The azaleas are starting to open as well, and I expect some to be open by tomorrow.

Pink Azaleas ready to pop open!

I also am liking the way my pots are shaping up. I like combining annuals and perennials and in the perennial category, it’s often a lot of herbs and hostas. I have some more herbs on the way to tuck into different pots (and beds) and I have a couple of pots I am waiting to plant because they are for basil and I need the weather to warm up some.

French Tarragon with Salvia, Rosemary, and White Geraniums will work well in these cheerful pots.

I like to encourage people to plant planters and pots and window boxes with different combinations. Unexpected combinations. Don’t just do the boring combination of geraniums and impatiens and maybe a dracena spike.

‘Pennsylvania Dutch Tea’ thyme is so pretty!

Herbs and hostas do really well with annuals and you can buy mini hostas to plant, and they will come back every year and won’t overwhelm your planters.

Bellis perennis or English Daisies with mini hostas.

As I wandered around this morning in the rain I was taking stock of where I wanted to add things or move things. I have lots and lots of ferns popping up. And I think I’m going to relocate some to a slightly hilly area in the shade to help hold the soil better. I also have some additional ferns and hostas ready to be planted and I decided this morning that that’s the location.

Valerian Root. It has very pretty foliage and I think will be about 3 feet tall and will have little sweetly scented flowers that insects like.

That’s the thing about gardening you can buy plants for one spot and that’s not where they’re necessarily going to end up. But it’s fun and if you make a mistake where you put something for the most part you can generally move it around your garden as long as you’re moving it at the right time of year.

Ferns and Hostas in a woodland bed started in 2019.

I have been planting lots of peonies and generally speaking they take a couple of years to get going. A lot of what I planted came from bare root purchases, so while they might not bloom this year I know they will bloom eventually.

White Sage and Zataar. They will grow into a nice full pot of herbs!

But oh the weeding! It can’t be avoided forever, only avoided today. I will weed after the rain, but prefer not to weed when it’s raining. But I might go move ferns around later. I will always plant in the rain!

Happy Gardening on a rainy day!

Ostrich Ferns

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