playing at the edge of the woods

Today I did two things: I played at the edge of the woods and I tackled some of the Bishop’s Weed that is threatening to make me lose my mind in the flowerbeds.


What I did at the edge of the woods was add some ferns. I had four I had purchased from a nursery that were a pair of maidenhair and a pair of painted ferns. Those are among my favorite ferns.

The owl peeks through the woods

I also had a bunch of cinnamon and ostrich ferns that had had babies and I just dug them up and moved them. I know people get frustrated because I haven’t given many plants away at this point I’ve been moving things around to get the beds where I want them.

The little hilly area post fern planting.

Yesterday I was staring at the base of the owl carving in the rain and I try not to put a lot of things close to the base so the airflow is good, but it’s up on a little bit of a hill and the downward side of the hill needed something because all I ever do is put woodchips down and they just wash away. The ferns will do nicely there and they will help hold the bank.

The Green man gazes out to the woods.

Another problem I discovered is deer got to more plants on the far side of my deck. It’s a spot they have never hit before so once again I was out with the deer repellent. I also have to put some fresh wood chips back there so a little more activity back there and it will smell like humans which will make it less desirable for deer. I think I found the location for the bag of hair I have been collecting from hairbrushes. It sounds gross but I collect the hair out of our hair brushes and accumulated in a Ziploc bag and then out it goes into problem areas of the garden. It makes Bambi think I’m going to peek out from behind a branch.

Curly willow – a gift from my friend Rebekah.

Now it looks like it’s going to rain again so I’m glad I got my chores done for the day. I also planted a pot of fuchsias which I think I’m going to have live on the front porch. My arborist also came out today to treat our trees for spotted lantern fly. We did it last year and it was very successful.

Anyway I hope some of you also got out into the garden today.

Happy gardening!

Have a seat under the sour cherry tree.

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