planting in the rain

I have always enjoyed planting in the rain. There’s something extra therapeutic about playing in your garden in the rain. Not when it’s cold winter rain mind you, but spring and summer rain.

I had a porch full of perennials to get into the ground and I planted them all. Baptistas, echinaceas, butterfly weed, and milkweed. I also had a flat of bright red zinnias (or they will be when they bloom) to get in. All of these plants went in to sun beds in the front. I also relocated two hostas which were crowding a climbing rose.

Earlier this week I rehomed a bunch of native daylilies. They are the orange ones that people called “ditch lilies” but they are double and triple blooms, so whoever adopted them will enjoy them once they get established. I had to thin them out in a sun bed because they were just taking over, and I don’t want them to take over I want them to be part of the scenery. So I have some for me and now somebody has a whole boxful for their garden.

It was the first thing I had shared and rehomed in a long time because up until now I just move plants around the property into bare spots. But in the case with these natives because they are such vigorous growers I like to have them because they are a native species, but I have to be able to contain them, hence adopting some out.

And blooming today is the spectacular purple clematis. Can’t remember what it’s called I bought it to complement my David Austin Lady of Shallot climbing rose. Lady of Shallot is a creamy deep apricot but not orange rose and the color combination is fun I think!

When I first came inside it was still raining fairly hard and I was soaked to the bone. I am sure my neighbors wondered why it is I am out there soaking wet gardening but it’s a great time to garden when it’s raining!

I have now planted everything waiting to be planted except the two scented geraniums that I am waiting for special a pot to plant them in. I’m not going to say I’m not planting anymore this season because every time I do that then I find more things to plant and my husband laughs at me!

I hope you enjoyed time and your gardens today and happy gardening and happy Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. I did the same today, Carla. I wanted to finish planting my three flats of Zinnias so I did the rain.


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