garden magic

Yesterday we were finally able to pick up (contactless in our COVID19 world) an old concrete pot I had been waiting for since a friend sourced it for me in late March. This is the last pot I am planting and it has become the home for scented geraniums in it from the Philadelphia Unit of the Herb Society of America contactless plant sale.

As I said I think I am pretty much finished planting with possibly a few exceptions. Yesterday I moved some hostas around that were crowding a hydrangea and a new rose in a bed.

A few days ago I unearthed a pair of scraggly white rhododendrons that had gotten stuck between two mammoth azaleas and moved them. It’s like they literally breathed a sigh of relief and are leafing out. They are scrawny and scraggly so I will leave them to grow out and next year give them a shaping prune.

This morning one of the giant azaleas got a little haircut. It will get more of a haircut but I had to start somewhere. I also gave the Miss Kim lilacs a prune. As lilacs get to the finished blooming stage they get a bit of a prune to keep them manageable in size.

Then I came in. It’s a little gloomy grey and dampish out. I realized I had never gone through a vintage garden book my friend Kristin gave me. The Complete Book of Garden Magic by Roy E Biles published in 1951. It’s amazing!

So much practical information and these wonderful drawings to demonstrate how to do things! If you can find a copy (there are a bunch on eBay and elsewhere like Abes Books and Etsy) it’s such a useful book!

Happy quiet Memorial Day and happy gardening!

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