blooming today

The garden is in all it’s glory. The scent is amazing. Lilacs, roses, peonies, lilies of the valley. (And I can’t forget a little tiny wren nest being built in a rose bush 💕)

This is why you put in all the sweat equity. It’s just so much fun when everything starts to come together!

Now that the bulk of my planting is done for the season, the maintenance as I mentioned before, will be ongoing until fall comes and everything goes to sleep. Weeding especially. Which is a total drag but a necessary evil, sadly.

Facebook today gave me flashback photos to five years ago in the same garden. It was really cool to see how much everything has evolved.

Now if Facebook would just let me put my gardening blog back on my gardening blog’s Facebook page. Or even in my gardening group. But no, according to Facebook, this blog goes against community standards. That kind of blows my mind. I have filled out countless reports to ask them to look at this because it’s crazy and has to be a mistake, but they don’t even respond to you.

But I can still share my photos of my garden I just can’t share my thoughts from this blog. But I can share it on Pinterest and other places.

I am going to be doing a little rearranging soon because well… it ends up I am getting one more rose. I just can’t help myself. Some daylilies may feel put out but they will survive.

Well I hope you enjoy the photos. More and more is blooming every day and it’s just so great to wander in my garden and enjoy it. It’s totally true, gardening = instant happiness!

Happy gardening!

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