gravel paths to nowhere

Today I added pea gravel to the little gravel path to nowhere on the side of the house. Ten 40 lb bags of pea gravel delivered from Home Depot.

After two knee surgeries I need to know my limits. I can lift 40 lb bags into my garden cart, wheel them to the path and lay them out. Then I pierce open the bags with a hand spade and dump the bags.

All this is easier on my back then getting bulk stone delivered. And at a little over $4 a bag, it’s still affordable.

The purple clematis grows in my Lady of Shallot climbing rose which is about to open.

Little paths to nowhere add interest in a garden. Mine is on a side of the house. It just sort of happened over time. First I put down wood chips for a couple of years and then I started adding pebbles and gravel to give delineation and definition between the path and the flower beds it goes through.

I settled on pea gravel because I find it the easiest surface to walk on. It doesn’t wash away and every couple of years I refresh it by adding more pea gravel.

Happy gardening!

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