garden opportunity

So yesterday was a day for tree work. It was tree work that was somewhat unexpected and because of those crazy Derecho storms last week. We didn’t lose power for days like a lot of people, but we had tree damage in parts of our woods.

In particular, along one side of our property there were these wild cherry trees that were skinny and not thriving. One had been overrun with bittersweet and other invasive vines. The almost 70 MPH winds skirted this side of our property and snapped these trees like twigs. Because of the one covered in vines, the snapped trees got caught on the vines and hung there suspended…so yesterday that all got cut down and cleared.

So this started with Mother Nature’s pruning and it’s not a bad thing, it’s an opportunity!

I am going to add native shade shrubs and perennials and create another planting area on the edge of the woods. I have a bunch of ferns, shade perennials, azaleas, and viburnum picked out to plant. I am also thinking in the fall I will add bulbs there.

I will note I don’t take things out of the woods unless I have to. But these trees came half down and had to be completely taken down. In other areas along the same side of the woods I realized we had to lighten up the trees along that one side of the house. So my arborist pruned up and gave a bunch of trees a trim. They also climbed two of our heritage oaks which are a few hundred feet tall each and lightened up limbs there.

Now yesterday while they were doing some of the trimming I was trimming my azaleas. Then I had to stop trimming my azaleas because the giant azaleas in the front of the house are currently home to at least three cat bird nests. So trimming will have to wait until the babies are hatched and out of the nest.

This morning before it really started to rain, I cleaned up the area where the wild cherry trees came down a little more. Sadly I already have another pile of brush and they were nice enough to remove two giant piles of brush yesterday when they did the pruning. That’s OK the little piles of brush provide shelter for critters and other things.

So sometimes out of storm damage comes opportunity. I’m looking forward to laying out the plants and creating this bed. I will use wood chips from yesterday’s pruning around the area to help keep the weeds down. The soil will not need much amendment in this section of the property as it is fairly nice.

How does your garden grow? Happy gardening!

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