rain delay gardening day? garden in the rain!

I will start this post by noting that I almost was outed but as the truly nightgown gardener by delivery people this morning. I made a quick dash into the garage until they left.

Then I wisely decided to actually put on clothes to finish my gardening. Which was a good thing because I had a conversation with one of my male neighbors and I don’t think he would’ve wanted to speak to me while I was standing there in my nightgown 😂!

So this morning started with some deadheading as it was starting to sprinkle. And a little weeding. And giving my tomato plants some Epsom salts and crushed eggshells.

I then realized those ferns that had been sitting on my porch for a couple of weeks waiting to be planted would be really happy if I planted them just as it was starting to rain. So I planted them and a couple of anemones in the woodland edge beds and called in the morning.

Oh I also wanted to point out I got these awesome gardening clogs from Gardener’s Supply Company. I usually don’t buy gardening clogs because they either hurt my feet or I can’t keep them on. But these are awesome. They are unisex and made in Italy. They are rubber and cork lined. And the craziest thing about them that I like the best is they have support. I can wear them around the garden and even around the house and they don’t bother my feet.

Back to the rain.

There is some thing about gardening in the rain it is very therapeutic. It’s calming. The pitter patter of rain drops when it’s warm. Of course now it’s well into the afternoon and it has been raining all day and the rain is heavier. So I wouldn’t be out in this.

So how does your garden grow today?

Happy gardening!

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