this and that…in the garden

A bucket full of Morning Star Daylilies waiting to be planted.

It must be an Italian thing. When my tomatoes start tomatoing I am just happy! And my chili peppers are coming along nicely as well.

I discovered chili peppers like growing in pots better than in planting beds. And my tomatoes are also grown in posts and grow bags. Sorry but a girl has got to have perennials.

It’s been hot and muggy. There were a couple of days respite, but it’s July weather, that’s for sure.

Gardening happens in the early morning. Otherwise, it’s too damn hot. Yes, I am a gardener who hates extreme heat. Well it’s more the humidity. I really dislike, even hate, humidity.

This morning started with moving hostas to accommodate my new bare root red daylilies from my friend Mary at Morning Star Daylilies in Woodstown, NJ. Yes bare root. Her plants are lovely and always arrive in impeccable condition. I have a thing about red daylilies. But not any shade of red. I like the deep dark velvety blue-red shades, not orange-red. They are shipped expediently in wet paper. When they arrive I soak them in water at least overnight in water and seaweed extract.

Today I used a product I like from Ireland. It’s called Irish Organic Fertiliser Humic. It’s a unique and OMRI organic listed product. Unique blend of humic acid and moor water blended with organic seaweed to feed plants and soil. Less stinky than plain liquid seaweed.

Today I also committed what some gardeners consider sacrilege. I pruned some of my hydrangeas. The horrors! People always freak out. Guess what? They still mostly bloom. I have a layered garden which does not work when sizes of plants get out of bounds. So with some of the hydrangeas they are blooming AND sending off new shoots of growth. I am cutting off the new growth on some of them. To keep the bushes shaped the way I like it and not out of bounds.

There are some hydrangeas I only cut dead stuff off of. Other than that they are free range and pretty darn large. No name oak leaf hydrangeas I bought at a nursery in Lancaster, PA five years ago for $5 a pot. They were in gallon pots. Maybe two feet tall. They are easily 7 or 8 feet tall now.

Also as it is July, daylily love must be observed. I wasn’t sure what they were going to be like this summer and for the most part, they are simply glorious. They bob in their beds standing above a lot of my perennials on slender stems.

Next up on the perennial love fest? Turtlehead or Chelone . Not open yet but fixing to put on a show. I have pink, white, and one that is super bright pink called “Hot Lips.”

Opened today and I forgot to take photos? My giant prehistoric looking rudbeckia. Rudbeckia maxima. It lives in the very back of one of my perennials at the top of a berm like hilly bed.

Final note? Don’t ever count out a rose bush. I had this David Austin Abraham Darby which was failing to thrive in what I thought was a perfect spot. So one day like three summers ago, I got frustrated and dug it out and planted it next to a utility pole at the edge of the property. It did literally nothing for three years…except this year? It has exploded with life. Looks great, is quite tall and the flowers are luxurious and smell even better.

How does your garden grow? Happy gardening!

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