move along 2020 weather! we are so over you in our gardens!

This afternoon thunderstorms rolled in. And with them crazy ass winds that knocked over almost every flower pot and potted plant I have! One of the only things that did not go ass over tin cup was my banana tree. I had read about banana trees and how their leaves shred in high winds to keep them from toppling over and that’s exactly what happened.

A wrought iron loveseat of significant weight got tossed over like it was a hollow tubed aluminum lawn chair. I also just realized I have three smaller pots of herbs that blew away somewhere along with a ridiculously large Boston Fern I have babied for years. The shepherd’s crook on which it hung is there, but the fern which was hanging on it is nowhere to be seen!

Oh and a very large cherry tree snapped halfway up it’s trunk like a little matchstick or twig. But this tree is perilously perched against another tree and has to come down. And then there is a huge limb off an old white oak that sailed through the air light as a feather like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Until it landed on a specimen Japanese Maple and part of the woodland garden beds.

I will admit I screamed when those winds came through. They were tornado-like in intensity. I am grateful nothing hit the house. That is a very real fear living with and in some woods. It was over quickly and tomorrow in the daylight we will be able to assess better what needs to be done.

But damn it all Mother Nature, this wasn’t in the weekend plans. If this was a derecho do-over or something like that it wasn’t fun. ☹️

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