oh happy day! the jenkins arboretum plant shop is open!

I love Jenkins Arboretum, it’s one of two I belong to – the other is Scott Arboretum which is sadly closed again because of fear of COVID19 (they are on a college campus and they are doing this for the students.) Anyway, today the plant shop at Jenkins Arboretum finally opened up. Usually they open in the spring, but COVID19 turned that all upside down too.

The plant shop at Jenkins Arboretum is open once again. This is a nice way for local gardeners to support a nonprofit like Jenkins which is struggling during COVID-19 I am sure.

Jenkins Arboretum Plant Shop Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday
9:00 am – 3:30 pm
August 28 – October 11

To keep their staff, shoppers, and visitors safe and healthy, please follow their new shopping guidelines guidelines during your visit.

Shoppers must wear a mask at all times within the Plant Shop area and must keep a distance of at least 6 feet from other shoppers and staff.
Purchases will be by credit card only. No cash or checks will be accepted. Members receive a 10% discount on purchases in the Plant Shop.

When I got there today they had a desk set up at the entrance doors with a plexiglass screen between the cashier volunteer and the patrons.

I had missed Jenkins. It’s definitely one of my happy spots. And over the past few years I have purchased some lovely plants for my garden from them as well as some of my favorite gardening books. And their staff and volunteers are so very nice and knowledgeable.

The plants for sale this year are phenomenal! I bought some azaleas and a hydrangea. I also got some wonderful ferns! I meant to get seersucker sedge but I got distracted by a giant Clivia that was for sale. That was my plant sale day favorite!

The Clivia I adopted. Pot is mine.

I am sure I will be back before October. There are so many plants to choose from. They are a great resource for natives and cool cultivars.

I ❤️ plant sales.

Happy gardening!

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