have a lovely labor day gardening weekend!

I didn’t buy an autumn clematis
but I have one blooming!

Welcome to Labor Day weekend. It’s probably the strangest one that we have ever had because of COVID-19. It marks the traditional end of the summer but I’ve always found it to be a great weekend for gardening!

The weather is hopefully going to turn and maybe get a little cooler and a lot less humid. I think my garden looks pretty stressed in places.

The unexpected tree work gave me an idea of where an area in the shade and woodland gardens could be improved, so that will be my focus for the weekend.

I’ve said before that sometimes I think the best way to look at my garden is from windows on the second floor of the house. I look down and you can see where everything is, and you can also see where you can change things up a little and that’s what I did. Because when I was looking out the windows at the damage Mother Nature had caused I saw where I could change things up a little.

So camellia and Mountain Laurel it will be. Plus a few little plants that I picked up at the Jenkins Arboretum plant sale. I hope it all works out as planned. This afternoon I walked the area I want to adjust, and one of the only things I have to do is to figure out how I move the giant rocks…..details, details….

Happy gardening!

Thanks BloomBox!

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