The wooly worms never lie! It’s snowing! (I saw a fuzzy black caterpillar yesterday which German friends of my mother’s called “wooly worms” and they said every time we saw one it meant snow.)

Santa Claus gifted me a greenhouse so I can’t wait! (It couldn’t fit down the chimney 🤣)

Meanwhile I will endeavor not to completely kill a couple of my potted citrus. It has been a bad indoor season for that.

My amaryllis bulbs didn’t give me a show by Christmas but they have sprouted so hopefully flowers sooner rather than later.

Dreaming of gardening and Happy New Year gardeners!


  1. I have a question I think you can answer, Carla. My Amaryllis Bulb refuses to bloom. I let it die down, rest in a dark place until the shoots come up again. Lovely green tall leaves for 3 yrs now, no bloom.
    What can I do? Eggshells, fertilizer? Throw it out?


    • I have a question are you giving it a chill cycle when it goes into the dark? I have discovered leaving mine in a dark spot on the porch for a couple cold nights in a row before I bring it in to start forcing it helps. I cut them back at the end of the summer and then they just kind of live in a corner of the garage. But it needs that cold snap I think to get it to bloom. I also do fertilize it a little when I start to water


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