“to my fellow pennsylvania gardeners”

When you are lucky enough to know writers who are also gardeners, sometimes you get an awesome poem to start your week with! Enjoy this poem!

“To my fellow Pennsylvania gardeners.”

If you looked closely
You could see little bumps of green protrusions, Poking up through the leaves.
The temptation
To clear the beds
To remove the ice and muck
Was ever so tempting.
But then,
This was Pennsylvania
And it was only the beginning of March
As you know,
Was far
Far from over.
And it was still time
To just let the garden rest.
But the urge to clean up
And move forward,
Move quickly,
Was so perfectly human.
An almost divine
Obsession to control
That which could never be controlled.
But sometimes,
Letting go,
Just learning to leave some things alone.
That came with time.
That only came through experience.
And like many things
The secret garden has a rhyme and rhythm
All its own.
The March winds would come
And nature would run it’s course.

~ Andrew McIntyre (©Andrew McIntyre 2021 All Rights Reserved)

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