all of a sudden snowdrops popped up everywhere

Now I am but a gallanthus/ snowdrop newbie. I have always liked them, but I never really started to learn about them until the last year or so.

And I will admit I don’t know much. There are so many fabulous varieties and there are people that collect these little spring gems.

To many gardeners they are the Holy Grail of little tiny bulbs. To me they are a component in a much larger gardenscape but I can’t imagine having a garden without them!

It was positively thrilling to go out early into the garden this morning and see little clumps everywhere! They are among my early harbingers of new life and a new growing season.

For the most part what I have as far as snowdrops existed here in the woods and in the flowerbeds when we purchased our home. I don’t know how old any of the bulbs are I have a feeling they’ve always lived in the woods here. I split clumps every once in a while and start new colonies all over the property and they just bring me joy.

Also a couple of hellebores are getting ready to bloom. And I’m starting to see the little tips of bulbs I planted in the fall!

Happy gardening!

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