tree day

Tree day has arrived! It’s a beautiful day today here in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

And yes, it’s tree trimming day. We live in and amongst the woods and are blessed to have so many heritage, old growth trees, mainly species of oaks. I love my trees, but they require maintenance.

Today we will do the trimming, and then as it warms up they will be back to do the tree health aspect. We have Ash that need to be treated, and many trees for spotted lantern fly and other things.

We use Treemendous Tree Care out of the Wilmington, DE / Kennett Square, PA area. I am a very happy customer so I am somewhat biased and think they are the best. They know their trees, are careful, and take pride in their work.

I will also note I am not compensated in any way, shape, or form for talking about them, I am just a happy customer and paying it forward.

Happy gardening!

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