this pine straw mulch is fun!

So this morning my inaugural order of pine straw mulch arrived. It came from Mid Atlantic Pine Straw Mulch. It was delivered and stacked neatly exactly where I asked.

I will cut to the chase: I liked it so much I just placed another order!

It arrived baled like hay. The bales are slightly smaller than a bale of hay and sooo much lighter!

I took them two at a time in my wheelbarrow over to what I call my derecho garden after the derecho winds that opened the area up last summer with storm damage.

I put the pine straw mulch down there and on adjacent woodland/shade beds on this particular side of our property.

The majority of our property I mulch with the hardwood chips gained from my own trees. But on this one side (I have gardens on all sides of the property) I wanted to try this. Tons of acid loving plants in a predominantly woodland or quasi-woodland setting.

I would only use this mulch here because I will never use any derivative of a pine mulch in beds with roses. Causes too many fungal issues. I would not use these under my Frasier Firs on another side of the property because they have their own needles etc. Pine straw mulch is from long needle pines.

The pine straw mulch went down as close to effortlessly as you can get. It’s pretty fluffy now, but will calm down after it’s down a couple of days. I probably could have tucked it on edges of the beds better, but I really liked putting it down and looking at it!

I mean who would ever think mulching could be fun??? This was fun!! Perennials and bulbs will be able to just grow up through the pine straw mulch.

My second order will complete my project as I extended the area I originally thought of . I underestimated slightly. It looks great and I highly recommend trying some!

Final note: yes I use smallish logs to edge these woodland garden beds.

Happy gardening!

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