you know spring is coming when the greenhouses open

One of my favorite garden haunts is Black Creek Greenhouses in East Earl, PA. The prices are amazing, they also carry almost every garden supply you can think of, and the diversity of products they offer is amazing.

We went to check them out yesterday and it just felt so good. Everyone wore masks, everyone socially distanced, and it was just so fun to see what they were going to be carrying this year. Now they are not necessarily my go to place for trees or larger shrubs, but I use them for perennials, herbs, annuals, things like hydrangeas, and even blueberry bushes. It’s definitely a favorite resource for herbs and vegetables for a lot of people as well.

They have the best selection of hostas anywhere short of a hosta specific nursery, for example. They also have an amazing range of other favorites of mine like hellebores, clematis, peonies, and hydrangeas. They also have a wonderful selection of berry plants. Yesterday they even had lingonberries as well as black and yellow raspberries! I wish I had more room!

It’s early days yet so a lot of the plants are quite small but I had so much fun looking at everything. Yesterday I bought a new red peony I had never seen, hellebores, and a few hydrangeas. They have an amazing selection of peonies and hydrangeas this year. I also bought my onion starts. I plant them in all of my sunny flowerbeds along with chives and many other members of the allium family as it helps keep aphids and other pests at bay.

Black Creek is Amish owned so no Sunday hours. The people that work there and run the place are super nice and very helpful. You will see mostly Amish ladies. A lot of those ladies have amazing knowledge of plants and specific cultivars! I love speaking to them truthfully.

It was just so nice to be out picking out plants even on a gray day all masked up. Everything I bought was in 1 gallon pots yesterday. Sometimes I buy smaller sometimes I buy slightly larger. It just depends what they have and what I’m interested in. I don’t mind buying smaller because it’s easier to deal with getting the plants in the ground properly the first time.

Black Greek is located at 211 E Black Creek Rd, East Earl, PA 17519 –
(717) 445-5046.

Happy dreaming of gardening on a rainy day.

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