spring has sprung and so have the chores

The calendar has officially turned to spring, and soon the temperatures will consistently follow. Right now the nights are very cold and I have plants waiting to go into the ground that I have to keep covering up. But this weekend we were able to get a lot done in the garden.

Saturday I received my next delivery of pine straw mulch, and Sunday I put it down. Once again it was fun mulch to put down because it’s light and fluffy. And I really like the way it looks in the area I chose to put it in. These beds are edge of the woods and I love the naturalized look. These are the garden beds that I use short logs as edging in so I just really am pleased with the whole effect. And I will also note because I am new to using pine straw mulch that I am very happy with the way bulbs and perennials are just popping up through the mulch.

Yesterday I also trimmed all my dogwood shrubs and I have a lot. I also finished pruning my roses and everything is budding so I’m going to have to start the feed and protect cycle for things like my Japanese maple trees shortly.

But another favorite part of yesterday was the fact that my husband hung my bird houses that have been waiting to go up since last fall!

Happy gardening!

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  1. Isn’t it fun to finish a project, like mulching and then stand back and enjoy the change it made? And to know that it will work its magic for months to come is an added benefit. Look great!

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