have you bloomboxed yet? bloombox is fabulous!

I like to share my resources, and I am always telling my readers and friends what nurseries I like in the bricks and mortar and mail order categories.

Well I also love my delivery-only nursery, BloomBox. When I first started buying plants from BloomBox it was a few short years ago and was essentially two guys, a couple of trucks, and a couple of more folks to load plants.

Today, BloomBox is delivering plants fresh to six different states! They have their original hub in Lancaster, PA and a new additional hub in Baltimore, MD. Here from their website:

A lot of the plants people admire in my garden come from them. Annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, fruit plants, trees, shrubs…and tropicals (my banana tree came from them!)

I started when they were pretty new and have had very few hiccups (as in literally a couple of little things over countless orders) over the past few years. And the hiccups were truly minor things, like once they forgot a plant and they delivered whatever it was a couple of days later, and I didn’t like 2 little 4 inch annuals once, and they refunded me no questions asked.

I buy a LOT of plants because I have a BIG garden. I buy from all over, and BloomBox as they have grown now have access to more of the specialty shrubs and native plants I seek. Their plants are high quality and VERY fairly priced. And at Christmas they have the MOST amazing fresh greens that last all season. I also give plant gifts to friends and family via BloomBox.

I am NOT a compensated blogger, so this post is just me showing one of my favorite resources and groups of people some love. These folks at BloomBox work hard for their customers and they have some of the best customer service I have ever encountered in any industry.

When you order from BloomBox, you know exactly which nurseries they are buying from and they deliver within a couple of days unless it’s around a holiday like Mother’s Day and then it might be a couple of days longer (although I have never had that happen, truthfully.) With your order you actually get tracking so when it is out for delivery if you feel the need to track your plants , you literally can every step of the way! They even delivered to me in a timely manner during the craziness of the COVID lock downs last year when I depended on them even more.

And the plants. Can we talk about the plants? They even carry own root David Austin roses, which to me is supremely important as I do not like to buy grafted roses. And they carry things I love in the annual category like glorious fuchsias and old fashioned zinnias. They have scented geranium and old fashioned annuals like nicotiana that a lot of nurseries don’t bother with. They have also gone all in with natives. Thanks to them I have this utterly beautiful Burr Oak sapling and while not a native, they also will carry Sweet Bay Magnolias from time to time, and I got one from them. They are the ones who introduced me to what I think is the best cherry tomato called Midnight Snack and they have so many different kinds of hot peppers and this year they have Tabasco peppers!

They also carry Coast of Maine products which I love, and they have a terrific selection of planters and pots you will not see anyplace else.

I have introduced customers to them in all of their service areas at this point. I was ogling my newly planted fuchsias today so that is what prompted this post. Also they will be a sponsor of and exhibitor at the Philadelphia Flower Show, which goes all out and outdoors this year (finally!)

Thank you BloomBox for helping make my garden gorgeous! Click here to try BloomBox if you haven’t.

Happy Gardening!

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