a great hack for large pots and various cachepots

I thought I would share a little hack with all of you that I use. You know those risers that are made of tough plastic that parents buy for their kids’ dorm beds to give a little extra height to put storage underneath those beds in dorm rooms?

Well they also make great risers in large cachepots for dummy planting.

I have plants that live in very nice plastic liner pots because their cachepots are simply too heavy and I would never be able to move them. I also have things in liner pots where the cachepots only go out for warmer weather as in non-freezing weather. I use old crocks as my fancy cachepots, so if I leave them outside they crack and I lose them. I store the crocs with all my ceramic pots inside tucked away in the basement in the winter.

Old crocks are readily available around where I live because of all of the farms that used to be here and which still exist. People used to use them for preserving and all sorts of storage and still do. I have a couple that have fairly large cracks that will not last forever but I will use and enjoy them while I have them as cachepots. I do not plant directly into them.

I also use these crocks inside and I have one that I pretty up a potted palm with. But the palm is in a very nice liner pot because I like to give it a shower once in a while during the inside months and that way I can actually lift it out of the cachepot.

And the nice things about those bed risers as I learned when we were packing up our son’s dorm room a couple years ago for the end of the year is that they just stack into each other like cups. So they don’t take up space with storage. And the set I have has different heights of risers and little add-on risers, so I have different heights which helps with these different cachepots of various sizes.

Anyway just thought I’d share!

Happy gardening!

One comment

  1. Good idea but since I don’t have them as those days have long gone by, I use the plastic pots that plants come in & twist them around to cover the holes. Also, you can use small soda cans at the bottom of the large pots to eliminate their heaviness. Another tip: Take off the corner braces from fruit crates. Place 3 under each pot. They are triangle pieces of wood that will lift a pot off the deck or soil to allow drainage or bugs like ants or earwigs to make their homes.
    BTW: Gardner’s place on 113 has small Bee and Bug homes as seen on Monty Don’ Garner’s World. Also a few Praying Mantis larvae left.


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