all about the reds

When I was growing up my mother loved a pale garden. It was so white it was like Sissinghurst’s White Garden at times. I appreciate the paler shades of garden and how it glows at night, but I need color.

I never used to be a big red fan in the garden because in my mind it was just red tulips and I don’t plant tulips because they are squirrel candy around here. But one time when I was looking for rhododendrons for the garden my husband remarked that his late mother grew red rhododendrons. I had never thought of red.

That is how red entered this garden. I also discovered a love for red daylilies. But I don’t like orange reds I only like blue reds. From there I also added a couple of red azaleas, and even a red weigela. This spring I added a scarlet flowering quince.

I was taking some photos last night and my garden and I noticed that plants don’t have to be white to glow in the twilight. And I think my garden definitely glows which is really cool.

I really love my current garden and it is sometimes hard to believe that it’s not even 10 years old yet. And I had to laugh this morning as someone put up a photo of a garden bed in a remodeling Facebook group and said if you want a garden that looks like this you have to hire XYZ landscape garden/architect. No, actually you don’t. You can create your dream garden all by yourself.

Happy gardening!

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