what do you see?

I run a large gardening group and sometimes the joy is simply not there running it because people essentially can’t see what is all around them.

Yes, really.

They are so busy crowdsourcing and asking people to solve every bit of minutia they don’t understand that they miss out on that amazing connection with nature and what you have created. Kind of like those who always just seem to run the leaf blower and lawn mower, but they never pick their heads up and just look around and exhale.

Sometimes all people share is “what is this weed?”, “what is this bug?”, “who is going to design my garden?”

OK people look— you have to TRY. And trying means DOING, as in getting your hands dirty, digging in the dirt. It also means doing your own research and that is not crowdsourcing everything. As a matter of fact, sometimes you just wonder because these folks seem to spend so much time online, I wonder when they actually have time to stop and look around or smell the flowers?

What do they SEE?

Like cooking, if you can read, you can garden. But a lot of the connection with gardening comes from the doing, the trying, the digging in the dirt. It also comes from going to plant nurseries and deciding what YOU like. Sure ask for advice, but keep your eyes open for your own experiences.

Yesterday my stepfather wandered my garden. It made me realize once again how heart and soul satisfying it is to see your garden and your own hard work through the eyes of others enjoying what you have created.

My garden is my artist’s palette. You can actually have one too. You just have to start. I am giving you all slide shows in this post. I love my flowers and it is such a good feeling to see those bulbs you planted in the fall come up in the spring. Or the excitement when the bluebirds return and the little Carolina wrens. Or the sheer hold your breath moment when you look into the woods and see Mama Fox and she looks right at you as she is nursing her kits.

Garden moments. Stop. Look around. Take it in. Create. Be inspired by the gardens of others. If you can imagine it, you can create it. Truly. But you have to give your own experience a chance.

Happy gardening.


  1. Beautiful! I have taken lots of pictures of my garden also, but not always as separate plants. Your pics are great and inspire me to take more pics of my own garden. I just planted a David Austin climbing rose and a shrub rose this weekend that I’m faithfully watering and waiting for new growth and beautiful roses!
    Happy Gardening!


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