stop and smell the roses for tomorrow we dead head…

David Austin “England’s Rose” and
“Benjamin Britten”

Oh the roses are in their glory….and now the thunderstorms have arrived, so tomorrow will undoubtedly be a dead heading day!

The clouds were super cool before the rain started, and the air heavy, warm, and thick. Now everything is taking a beating as it gets a drink.

Bourbon rose “Louise Odier”

Pouring, pouring, pouring. The boom of thunder and flashes of lightning. The road resembles a river but the willow tree is estatic.

Happy Willow.

There is so much to be done in the garden. But I do love to putter around. But the rain is also feeding the weeds. So that will be a big job for the weekend.

Oh! And yesterday some friends and I visited David Culp’s Brandywine Cottage. His gardens are beyond fabulous. I will have a whole separate post on that once I go through the photos.

A rather wet slightly psycho robin.

And this weekend the Philadelphia Flower Show opens, and it’s brand new format outside which is more like the Chelsea Flower Show in the UK. I have not been excited about the Philadelphia Flower Show in years and I’m really looking forward to this.

Happy gardening!


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