and just like that hydrangea season begins

I have a slight obsession with hydrangeas. I have always loved them but I really fell in love with them going to my sister’s house in the Hamptons years ago because there’s so many that you see in the landscape up there because they really are pretty indestructible.

The Hamptons has hydrangeas everywhere and there were so many different cultivars to look at. So I started adding more hydrangeas to my gardens. When I started this garden I kind of went a little overboard. I am still looking for more spots to layer them in!

I love mountain hydrangeas in particular. I have gotten them all over. One of my favorite hydrangeas is a Korean mountain hydrangea I bought from a now defunct nursery in Virginia called Lazy S Farm.

Locally, BloomBox and Applied Climatology. Also Black Creek Greenhouses in East Earl, PA.

Not so locally?

Gardens Oy Vey

Broken Arrow Nursery

Hydrangeas Plus

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