this and that in the garden

Munstead Wood Rose and Lavender in a huge pot.

The new bed, the path of flowers (thanks BloomBox and my friend Sara), is settling in nicely.

A fun treat is I forgot I planted Peacock Orchid or Abyssianian Gladiolus in the pots with the mini hostas.

I have also taken the preemptive measure of staking the beautiful lilies so they don’t get thunderstorm smushed.

The Zebra Hydrangeas are beginning to bloom. I had planted them new last year. Also starting the bloom cycle is my favorite I’ll be at finicky hydrangea, first generation pistachio.

Hydrangea “Pistachio”

I still have tons and tons of weeding to do. And fresh wood chips and pine straw mulch to fill in with.

Hydrangea “Zebra”

Oh and the Munstead Wood David Austin I planted in a giant pot bare root this spring is starting to bloom 😊

Smooth Hydrangea Invincibelle Spirit® II

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