introduce kids to nature and gardening!

Every morning one of my neighbors walks down the road with her little kids to see the flowers in the garden.

It is one of the highlights of my day because these kids are not only awesome, but they love to learn about flowers.

This morning we had many little visitors to the garden when they were here including butterflies and a hummingbird. We actually saved a butterfly that accidentally flipped itself upside down and didn’t know what to do.

This morning we looked at roses, geraniums, zinnias, coneflowers, and they loved the big dinner plate size hibiscus. But the highlight of the trip this morning was most definitely the hummingbird.

The photos aren’t the best because it’s always hard to catch a hummingbird but it was very exciting for these kids and I loved sharing the garden with them.

Sharing a garden with children and teaching them how to garden is a wonderful thing. They connect with nature, you connect with nature, and we all connect with each other. Gardens are amazing that way!

Happy gardening!

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