august garden

The August garden it’s not necessarily one full of grace. It’s tough, it’s tired, it’s messy. But it still has it’s wonders.

This morning I gardened in the rain after a long hot spell and a few days of ugly thunderstorms that caused flooding and wreaked havoc in our area.

We were lucky we only had to deal with what looked like a sudden creek rising up through the backyard. It washed away wood chips and pine straw mulch, and I am starting to get that back in order. It’s so funny when I looked at the back after that storm you could see where there must have been waves of water going through my woodland and shade beds.

This morning I planted some beautiful anemones, helenium, and echinacea. I also planted a spectacular camellia called “Winter’s Joy”. Glossy, beautiful leaves and loaded with buds.

I also did a little flower bed rearranging which I am wont to do on occasion. Leucothoe got bird planted (I don’t remember planting it so that’s why I’m thinking that’s how it got there), and I never liked it, so I dug it out. In it’s place I planted a cool red-bloomed hydrangea and a couple of more hardy hibiscus.

Planting in the rain is very soothing. I was not soaked, just damp, because it was more spritzing by the time I finished but it was lovely. I was a bit muddy, however.

I will note in spite of like 3 inches of rain the other night everything is still dry in spots.

I also got to see the blue birds and hummingbirds and there were lots of butterflies and buzzy bees. And the cat birds were quite reprimanding today for some reason. They will literally talk to you in the garden. They are such a funny bird.

The August garden will never look perfect. But I love it just the same because it is one of the times where you see late summer surprises but you can also see what’s not working and needs moving.

A final note is my husband tells me he’s pulling out this autumn olive out of one of my flower beds. It was another volunteer. However, I don’t quite believe that nothing will be disturbed in the bed he’s pulling it out of and it’s a bed that I did some of the planting in today so stay tuned!

Happy gardening.

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