springing forward in the garden

Extension of an existing bed

Spring is literally springing forward everywhere! Right now the only thing I am concerned about are my fig trees. Not the two I planted this spring, but their friends who were living in the garden before. Ironically, for once, I covered them all in burlap like you are supposed to, and I am not sure they survived. It’s still green when I scratch stalks, so maybe they will surprise me.

The other evening was the preview and pre-sale of the plant sale held by the Valley Forge Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. The event was held at Jenkins Arboretum. Of course I couldn’t resist buying a few things! It is one of my favorite sales and it was not held for two years because of COVID. This is one of my sources for deciduous azaleas, and red azaleas. So I planted a bunch of fun things yesterday! It also meant I had to dig out two dozen ostrich ferns, and two friends took them off of my hands which was perfect.

The birds are nesting like crazy and this morning there were Carolina wrens telling me what to do along with cat birds. I see my blue birds most often just after dawn.

The garden overall is glorious right now. However I will admit I will miss my daffodils when they finish. I have also decided I am going plant the lawn with early crocuses in the fall.

That’s all for now. The garden is calling my name.

Happy Gardening!

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