even on a rainy day, lots to look at

Do you ever walk in your garden in the rain? You should! There is always something to look at. The azaleas are starting to open and Dr. Foo’s tree peony is simply glorious this year!

I am continuing to plant treasures from spring plant sales and my second batch of bare root roses are in, and I sadly had another rose fatality. John F. Kennedy, a hybrid tea. I have tried it twice in different spots in this garden, and both times lasted a couple of years and then given up. So I am no replacing that rose a third time.

The greenhouse is full of herbs and things waiting to go out after fear of frost has past. I even have sunflower seedlings!

Also this year, my ostrich ferns are testing me. I have dug out close to 60 so far and given them away. I have more to dig out – they are so happy they are being space hogs so I have to thin them.

Happy gardening!


  1. Beautiful pics. What is the 2 color green leaf sparse branched shrub. Sounds awful the way I describe it but not intentionally. I love the way it looks. 😉

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