miles to go before the garden sleeps

Pardon me for paraphrasing Robert Frost. Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets, and I don’t think you can be a gardener and not like people like Robert Frost.

But I digress. (I do that…often.)

We have had a few days of rain here now and while needed, it is slowing down the gardening schedule for fall. I have daffodils to get in and fritillaria and Lily bulbs from Minnesota and other things coming. I also have a bunch of things to put in the edge of the woods and into the woods.

American plain old pretty witch hazels, Amelanchier Smokey Serviceberry, a pair of Sawtooth oaks, a Japanese Stewartia, and a Styrax japonicus aka Japanese Snowball. They will be going in spots where there are breaks in the tree canopy so it’s only partial shade and lots of dappled light.

Stewartia is deer resistant if I can keep it protected until it grows a bit. Styrax japonicus aka Japanese Snowball is also deer resistant. I know never say never, but deer never touch my witch hazels.

And serviceberry trees are deer resistant and are also considered a “firewise” plant. A “firewise” plant will have one or more of these characteristics: plant tissues contain more moisture, especially in areas during fire seasons. Plant tissues contain low amounts of volatile oils and other readily flammable chemicals. They say these so designated plants provide less fuel, either by producing less litter or by staying small.

I also have a native holly tree I’ve grown from a little tiny seedling that needs to go from its pot into the ground now that it’s tall enough. And there are a couple of others I have seen in the garden I should transplant as well. I am happy to encourage these evergreens in my woods they’re so pretty.

I still have to put the bulbs in the bed extension a dog but other than that it is set for its initial planting and I think it’s going to be pretty cool as it grows in.

Fall is also about just looking at the different looks that the garden has now changed into. I am probably in the minority of standing in the garden in the rain type of people. But it’s so beautiful.

The deer are behaving a little better for the time being. I have been rotating the deer repellent and I added another kind. and yes I am still the woman that yells at deer. When I plant my new things in the woods and on the edge of the woods in woodland beds I will be surrounding each plant with its own little fence structure until it gets established. And even if they are deer resistant I am still going to hang a little deer resistant thing on each little fence structure.

But the colors of the fall garden are kind of coming into their own and getting ready to end all at the same time. It’s really pretty, a literal cornucopia of color.

I am also now wandering around my garden wondering about things I should move or split. Like perennials. I dug up, split, and moved a Sorbet peony that was getting choked out by other plants. I have a second one I might do the same to, I have to see where it might go.

Anyway just a little rainy day garden daydreaming.

Happy gardening.


  1. Very nice post today! And, no, you’re not the only one that walks in the rain viewing and enjoying their garden! I walk around my property all year so that includes wet/cold/muddy spring weather, hot sunny summer weather, cool/crisp/rainy fall weather, and snowy winters! I love your meandering . . . .


  2. Beautiful fall colors in your garden. I also have so much to do here in my Forest Hill, MD garden where we have also had days of rain. Everything is wet and covered in leaves. Someone couldn’t get up our steep driveway yesterday because of all the wet leaves – – – one small downside to living somewhere surrounded by woods.

    I have scheduled installation of a fence around the vegetable garden. It is just so demoralizing to nurse my plants from seedlings to have them mowed down by deer. Hopefully the fence will blend in, keep the varmints out, and give me piece of mind.

    Good luck with your fall chores!


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