the deer chronicles

They come and they go. They test my patients. They stop and stare at me like they can’t believe I just won’t let them have a hosta salad.

They are the damn deer. And every day it’s rinse and repeat with them. I have no option but to keep up spraying and putting down deer repellent now. But I’m telling you, yelling at them actually discourages them.

And I think if you talk to her yell at your deer that makes you an average gardener. Because sometimes you just wonder about their chutzpah.

Anyway I thought you’d be amused by my little tiny deer video. Happy gardening!

One comment

  1. Ha! I once tried yelling at a group of deer (a whole family) in my yard, and the buck reared up on his hind legs and yelled back at me! Although I felt safe standing on my deck, I ran inside the house.


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