it’s almost thanksgiving!

So today I am showing you this morning into this afternoon. We are getting really close to the end, and this is so amazing that every day it just makes me smile, actually grin ear to ear if I’m honest. I might be showing bias, but I think this is one of the best things that Marty Long has ever done!

I have been busy in the garden, and only recently started to slow down. All the bulbs are finally in , and all of the cannas dug up. I have given my one friend Susie I think 5 or 6 net bags of cannas, keeping 5 or 6 for me. They grew like crazy this year!

The camellias are starting to bloom. This year they are putting on quite a show!

The deer and I continue to have words, but as long as they stay deep in the woods, I don’t really care what they do. So I spray spray spray.

Now I do have to mention the indoor jungle because the red Christmas cactus named Frederica is blooming up a storm. My stepfather named her, and I take care of her for him. The paperwhites I planted in pots are all popping up, and the Amaryllis are starting to poke up.

Once Marty Long has finished carving, and then stains and seals the sculpture, I have two deciduous azaleas to put in and a witch hazel. The bulbs and peony roots are already in and the trick to helping these sculptures last a long time as you have to make sure you don’t have things to close around them so everything breathes.

I still have plenty of fresh sage growing for Thanksgiving, along with some other herbs, and from my garden to your garden: Happy Thanksgiving!

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