a long weekend

So it’s Memorial Day weekend, and between the rain and a need to just pause, I have not done much at all in the garden.

Yesterday, early in the morning I wandered around in the wet and soggy everything . Yes, in my nightgown and moccasins. Even soggy it was all so lush and pretty. The peonies and roses are abundant and just breathtaking. And maybe that is why as gardeners we have to hit the pause button sometimes: so we can step back and enjoy what we have done.

As I have been taking a garden chore pause, I have done other little things here and there. Yes a little weeding, planning out some additions to one of my few sunny beds, and hanging up some little bells I have come across. I love the sound of them. I hang them on my porch too.

It’s the little things. The tinkling of a small bell, a bird singing, the smell of just opened roses. It’s sitting on your porch, or under a tree, or on your deck.

The weeds will still be there and so will the chores. Sometimes we need to just pause and soak it all in.

Happy gardening.

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