chores and roses

This morning was the morning for touching up and repainting my vintage garden furniture. It wasn’t a year for sanding it all down and starting again, but I will have to do that in a couple of years. This year I cleaned off the furniture and everybody got new coats of paint.

Of course then it rained this afternoon, so hopefully everything had enough hours to dry in between. I stick to white and a graphite gray color. Kind of classic, or even boring to some, but hey I like what I like.

It was also an off day because I found a deceased baby fawn in a flower bed. I think a coyote got it. I hate these discoveries. But nature is nature. Seeing baby cardinals helped wash away the brutality nature can have.

Today was also a day to take in the roses which are amazing this year. I am starting to see some black spot so I will have to break out the biologic fungicide over the weekend. But right now they are just amazing.

Happy gardening!

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