february is the new spring?

I have daffodils up already. And even the early ones are up far too early in my humble opinion.

Weather wise, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. We have had both March and April snow seasons in the past. I remember one March in the 1990s where we got three feet of snow !

I continue to fiddle in the garden. If the weather keeps going, I will be weeding soon because I see my nemesis Bishop’s Weed is starting already. (Grrrr)

I found the bird feeder that the raccoons stole. It was a in pieces in the woods. I put it back together and hung it in a different part of the garden. I also have been adjusting the rose obelisks and the stakes that keep them in the ground. I have to use additional stakes because the obelisk “feet” are not long enough to go deep enough into the ground.

The crocuses are continuing to pop. The Hellebores are emerging. Spring or false start? Not sure. But even Dr.Foo’s tree peony is budding.

Sign me not ready for weeding.

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