a perfect day

Yes this Galanthus Duffer had a swell time at the Galanthus Gala hosted by David Culp this weekend!

It began with Lady Mary Keen gave us beginners a proper title on Friday and I loved it! After all, I am not anything other than a home gardener who loves snow drops in her garden. My fanciest Galanthus are the ones I purchased from a friend of David Culp’s during COVID whom I finally got to meet yesterday. My bulb obsession is more about heirloom/antique daffodils and even there I am just a home gardener with a bulb/plant problem in general!

But being able to hear Lady Mary Keen? Something truly special as I own a few of her books!!!

Friday was also bittersweet as David Culp paid tribute to a friend who passed away. His name was Alan Street. He was a much loved friend as well as an amazing nurseryman and bulb guru with England’s Avon Bulbs. I never met him but he had been a lecturer at the Galanthus Gala a few years ago. He meant a lot to so many, that it makes me wish I had known him. One of his things apparently was heirloom daffodils. I go out of my way to plant old bulbs in my garden, so I bet I would have liked him!

These are gardeners, horticulturalists, and growers so utterly out of my league and some of the nicest people in the world who take the time with everyone. I bought a couple of things from Edgewood Gardens including a wee clematis I will endeavor to keep fit until it can go outside.

From Look Again Gardens, I purchased two amazing and unusual azaleas, and finally from Pleasant Run Nursery two beautiful Hellebores, and a magnificent white tree peony. I also gazed adoringly at all the plants I couldn’t bring home…or yet…because there is always room for more, right?

My husband and I arrived and it was bustling and happy. (I had zoomed one of the talks I signed up for before that in the morning) Then he was really patient and somewhat amused at me going from plant to plant with a complete case of “ohhh did you see this? And this? And this?”

I got to hang out with the ladies of the Hardy Plant Society Mid Atlantic Group. Oh, and I was 3-5 feet away from Martha Stewart which was kind of cool but I didn’t actually meet her. She did however get a gorgeous Edgeworthia I loved (when it comes to special plants it’s like a great estate sale, if you snooze you loose!) I will admit she looks amazing.

Most importantly however, I got to see David Culp and spend some time with him. That made my heart extra happy. He is an amazing man and so generous with his time and knowledge.

One of my favorite things of the day was taking a moment to plant snowdrops in the Downingtown Friends Meetinghouse graveyard.

I searched the graveyard for family names belonging to my husband and didn’t find any. (I have in other Quaker graveyards.) A lot of the stones are very old and worn. So I walked the graveyard until I found the people who spoke to me. Twins who must have died in infancy. Walker and Wiley only identified as “John’s children.” I planted my two pots of snowdrops I brought with me from my garden next to those babies. It felt right.

Then I went home and dug in the dirt and planted most of my plants. The pretty little clematis needs some caring for inside for a little bit more before she’s planted out!

This weekend was also the opening of the Philadelphia Flower Show. But I was in the right place for me yesterday.

It was a perfect, happy garden-centric day for me! Galanthus duffer over and out!


  1. It was indeed a terrific day! What a pleasure to see your post today to help relive the memory of one of my favorite events. A bit of a surprise too, to see a picture of my truck. We may have encountered each other, unknowingly, at some point — I was helping out behind the Edgewood sales table for a few hours in the morning. Glad you had a good time and found a few plants to take home, as did I — would have been hard not to, with several rooms filled with rarities you almost never see anywhere else.


    • I loved your plate! It was literally the first thing I saw when we arrived! John was at his table when I bought some things from him, I am sorry I did not get to meet you.


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